Most frequently asked questions

Mixing is process that happens once all of your music and vocals have been recorded.  This is when we refine and edit your audio with steps like Equalizing, compression, saturation and many other steps that get your audio prepared for mastering.

Once your mix has been completed the final step before distribution is Mastering.  In this step will do a little more Equalizing and Compressions.  But the main focus is to limit your record and make it nice and loud.  We will use volume normalization techniques to make sure your record is prepared at a commercial standard level. 

First and foremost make sure that your record overall is not clipping and be sure that you have nice clean recordings to make sure you get the best results out of the mix.  We are engineers, not magicians so lets make everything has a decent recording to it.  Keep your record overall on master track below 0+dbs.  This is so we can make sure there is enough head room while mixing and mastering.  If you are not sending a pro tools session, be sure to bounce all your vocal stems seperate at the highest possible quality and format (48 kHz & 32 Bit Depth).  If you are sending us your Pro Tools session be sure to send the entire Pro Tools folder of the session, not just “ptx” file.  Be sure that the audio folder is inside of your session folder. 

Click here for videos on how to prepare sessions.

For all customers not using Pro Tools and bouncing stems instead you can send over mp3, wav or aiff files. 

You’re aloud to purchase as many mixes and masters as you’d like.  Add how ever many services you’d like to the cart.  

Our team has had the pleasure of working with the biggest artist on the planet in both the Hip-Hop/English Genre, Latin Genre, Afro Genre and many more. We are staffed with multi-talented mixing engineers that have access to the best equipment and software in music today to make sure that we deliver the highest quality mixes no matter what genre. 

Privacy is our top priority for our customers.  All of your intellectual property and copyrights will always remain yours. Any files that you send us will not be shared under any circumstances.