Who Is Industry Mixed

Why We Started Industry Mixed

Industry Mixed was founded in 2020 during the pandemic. While the whole country was on lockdown and we were unable to continue working with artists in person on a regular basis as usual, we decided to team up and start industry mixed. This company allows our clients to utilize our services at a discounted rate while keeping our engineers busy during these difficult times.

We are committed to bringing the best out of every artist we work with. Our attention to detail and years of experience will ensure that we unlock the full potential of every song. Here at Industry Mixed we use a combination of outboard gear and the latest plugins to mix your songs. We are using the most recent version of Pro Tools, Waves, UAD, Plugin Alliance, T-racks, Slate Digital and more. 

We also have in house Spanish speaking engineers for all of our Latin clients. También contamos con ingenieros internos que hablan español para todos nuestros clientes latinos. 

Our engineers at Industry Mixed are well versed in all genres including Rap, R&B, Pop, Reggaeton, Rock and more. Depending on your genre we will pair you with the right engineer for your project. Listen to some of our mixing examples here.

industry mixed

Industry Mixed, Who Is It For?

Industry Mixed is for any artist, musician or label that needs professional mixing and mastering at an affordable price. All of the engineers at Industry Mixed are professional RIAA certified platinum audio engineers and producers that currently work in the industry with some of todays biggest artists. Our engineers typically charge a minimum of $750 a mix. To avoid any conflict of interest they prefer to remain anonymous. They do not offer these prices anywhere else. 

We work with clients of all calibers. From the local aspiring rapper to major pop stars and labels. Some of our mixing clients include: Atlantic Records, Sony, Universal Music, Telemundo and more.  

Industry Mixed is the best service you can use to mix and master full albums and projects at the best price. We stay in clear communication with our clients to ensure we achieve the sound you are looking for. Check out our services here.